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Distillation of alcohol

Distillation of alcohol in home conditions

A specialist equipment (alembics, distillers) enables to distil alcohol and other liquids at home. For instance, a production of moonshine consists of two stages: making moonshine mash which comprises the following ingredients: yeast, sugar and water or additionally fruit, a distillation process of the mash which allows for obtaining alcohol with a high concentration. The distillation itself consists in heating up mash in the apparatus for the moonshine. Due to a difference within the boiling points of the individual substances it is possible to separate a distillate of alcohol. In practice, You should heat mash, and when evaporation begins, alcohol distilled at the cooler is received by the output tube.


Basic methods of moonshine distillation in the distiller

Below we present the basic methods of vodka distillation:


1. The Pot Still

It is a very convenient method in which is used a distiller of the Pot Still type. Thanks to its practical quantities, it is a manner of obtaining moonshine which is most often chosen. A special design of the Pot Still allows for achieving great flavour qualities with low effort. The vapours which flow in the alembic are collected in the condensation chamber. When it maintains a contact with a cool surface of the condenser, vapours of alcohol is cooled down, and then brought into the liquid state. The alembic of the Pot Still type perfectly works in home conditions.



2. Internal reflux method

It is the most efficient method due to which You can receive a distillate even with concentration of 94%. So, it is the most productive and unusually effective when it comes to the final result. Due to the appropriate design of the alembic you can, during one brewing, obtain moonshine with qualities equal to moonshine which was a subject to many distillations. A major part of the condensed distillate goes to the column where it flows, slowly squeezing down. There it encounters a resistance of the high-temperature vapour, and alcohol evaporates from the distillate once again. A significant part of the moonshine goes to the receiver, and a remaining part returns to the column as its filling.


Essential kit for every moonshiner

If You want to start Your adventure with the alcohol distillation You will need an arsenal of the essential equipment, among others,:

• an alcoholmeter to determine a concentration of alcohol – it enables to achieve a suitable final effect; it is characterised by a great precision and it is user friendly; You can get a quick reading of the achieved parameters, so it facilitates Your work;

• a measuring cylinder with a scale – one of the most needed measurement elements without which a proper distillation would not be practically possible; our cylinders are adopted to operate during the alcohol production in home conditions;

• a funnel – unremarkable, but unusually needed equipment, which enables to slop over moonshine so that it prevents spilling even a single drop; the funnels that we offer ensure stability and convenient use;

• mash – our preparations allow for a clarification of must blend, adjusting flavour and inward processing of the alcoholic beverage;

• active carbon – a necessary element of filtration;

• an appropriate distiller – a proper apparatus for distillation ensures obtaining excellent moonshine quality;

• distiller’s yeast – yeast enable to achieve strong must blend therefore You can obtain odourless alcohol with excellent flavour.



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