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Alcoholometer - a device used to measure pure alcohol, the result is read in percent. It is not possible to measure taste alcohols, wines, tinctures, etc. because it contains sugar and their density has changed. Alcoholometers are available >here<

Catalytic filter - the type of filter placed between the tank and the main column. Its interior is filled with prismatic copper springs. Catalityc filters are available >here<

Clarifier (dephlegmator) - a distiller element placed between the main pipe and the cooler. Unwanted substances are condensed in it. The clarifier should be closed during distillation. Its contents should be poured out after the process has been completed. Clarifiers with coolers are available >here<

Cooler - a distiller element in which vapors condense. The cooler is supplied with running water. The cooling liquid should be connected countercurrently, that is, opposite to the direction of the distillate outflow. Coolers are availbale >here<

Cooling coils - otherwise external reflux, these are horizontally placed tubes passing through the main column. On the surface of the reflux, unwanted substances condense which flow back into the tank.

Drain valve - valve used to empty the contents of the boiler or clarifiers.

Glass tubes - the type of filling used in the columns. Glass tubes have the best price-quality ratio. Unwanted substances settle on their surface and flow into the tank. To wash the glass tubes just rinse them with running water. In the case of columns where the pipes are plugged with an stainless steel mesh and it is not possible to remove them, simply connect the running water to the place of receiving the distillate. Glass tubes are avilable >here<

Internal reflux - element of the main column placed inside it. On the surface of the reflux, unwanted substances condense then flow back into the tank. Columns with internal reflux are the most efficient. They produce a distillate with 92-96% purity throughout the distillation process. Reflux columns and distillers are available >here< 

Parrot - a device made of acid resistant steel used for continuous measurement of distillate power. An alcoholometer should be placed in its interior. The distillate is poured into the parrot from below, which results in continuous fluid exchange and allows the distillate power to be observed on a regular basis. The measuring parrot is especially recommended in pot still distillers. Parrot available >here<

Prismatic copper springs - a type of filling used in catalytic filters. Copper is a good catalyst and undesirable substances such as sulfites are deposited on its surface. The springs should be cleaned every 3-4 distillation processes. To do this, boil them in water with the addition of citric acid and hydrogen peroxide. Copper spings are available >here<

Unscrewed clarifier - has the same function as a regular clarifier, but thanks to the fact that it is unscrewed, it can be filled with botanicals. The clarifier can be filled up to 50% of its volume. In set with this element, we recommend ordering a safety valve. One of distiller with unscrewed clarifier you can find >here<

Safety valve - a device that in the event of high pressure inside the distiller will reduce it. It is not possible to increase the pressure by distilling a homogeneous, clear mash.

SMS connector - a type of screw connection that allows connecting the elements of a distiller (columns with a tank, settler with a column, etc.) in an easy way. The elements equipped with this connector have a nut that allows the element to be fixed without rotating it.

Wide opening (inlet) - the hole used as standard has a column diameter. The wide inlet is much larger and allows free insertion of the hand inside the tank. Recommended during distillation with whole fruit or when we want to thoroughly clean the inside of the boiler.


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