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Wine yeast

Wine yeast support producing wine. They constitute a heart of the entire process because they are responsible for an alcoholic fermentation. An activity of yeast, i.e. microscopic fungi, consists in a degradation of sugar into carbon dioxide and ethanol.

Yeasts are not always added to a mash. Sometimes they can be found in the fruit peels. This fungi are necessary in the fermentation process. So, why is it worth to reaching for the wine yeasts? Because we are more certain when it comes to the achieved effects when we use them and we do not risk that this process will be lasting for many weeks. They enable us to develop a quality product of a fair grade. The next advantage of the wine yeasts is that they are cheap so everybody can afford using them.

When you choose yeasts, you can meet their active and passive forms. The first are ready to use, and the latter require an appropriate preparation. In our on-line shop are offered different kinds of yeasts, adopted to making various kinds of wine. On the web site of our on-line shop you can also read information which yeasts are suitable for a concerned kind of the alcoholic beverage. Such information are usually contained on the packing labels.

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